Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ho HO HO my arse...

On our way to have breakfast with Santa.  Whoopee.  I know my kids love him and am doing this just to see the looks on their faces.  I LOVE that part of the big fat LIE.  On the other hand... I'm starting to get more-than-mildly-irritated with the jolly old fucker taking credit for all of my most awesome gifts!!!  This bites!  When Maddie comes downstairs Christmas morning and sees that American Girl doll she's going to start screaming THANK YOU SANTA THANK YOU SANTA... outta my way Mommy!  Grrrrrrrrrr   When Michael sees his $100 Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Lego set = same reaction.  <sigh>  I get the joy of seeing their little faces and I am so blessed that I could get these things for them.  But, that arsehole in the red suit gets all my farging glory!  I'm over it.  I dread the day when my babies aren't babies anymore and no longer believe in him.  But, that's the MINUTE I start drilling it into their heads that it was ME ME ME (and their dad, of course) who went out and bought them all this crap!  The Lego set that will be in its 864 pieces spread throughout my house, half of them lost.  And the $100 AG Doll who I will find laying in a corner, naked, with her head turned backwards.  :-S  Ho ho ho... hallelujah, holy shit!  Where's the Tylenol?

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